Toronto Memory Program

Toronto Memory Program (TMP) is Canada’s largest memory clinic and its most experienced clinical trial site for Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment. Founded in 1996 and led by behavioural neurologist Dr. Sharon Cohen, TMP has cared for thousands of individuals with, and at risk for, dementia, affording the most up-to-date medical care and improved quality of life for these individuals and their families. TMP has also made substantial contributions to major international pharmacological studies and has proudly facilitated clinical trial opportunities for thousands of individuals who, in turn, have partnered with us to define the path forward in treating diseases of memory. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to excellence in care and is determined to dispel myths, reduce stigma, and to hasten the development of a new generation of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. We have undergone regulatory inspection by Health Canada and proudly report that there were no findings what-so-ever.

Researchers and Staff

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sharon Cohen, MD, FRCPC (neurology)

Principal Investigator

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