Roper St. Francis Research and Innovation Center

The goal of our team is to provide state of the art research treatment to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and their families. Our commitment is to serve the state of South Carolina and to provide access to cutting edge research close to the patient’s home. We have adapted our approach to the different backgrounds that form the cultural mosaic of our state. Our facility is focused exclusively on research and we collaborate with all primary care providers and specialists in the state through a program of joint patient management and support. We are proud to state to our patients that we will be with them at no cost for as long as they suffer the burden of Alzheimer’s disease and that we will provide, at a local level, everything available anywhere in the world

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Roper St. Francis Research and Innovation Center

For more information about clinical trials, feel free to contact:
Allison Lapp (843) 724-2302
Shelby Tamres (843) 724-2302


  • Institution Name: Roper St. Francis Research and Innovation Center
  • Location:  Charleston, SC
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Researchers and Staff

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jacobo Mintzer, M.D., MBA

Principal Investigator

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