Princeton Medical Institute

Princeton Medical Institute offers free memory testing for anybody in the community, any day of the week, in its offices at 256 Bunn Drive in Princeton (609-921-6050, and invites people to come in to learn about Alzheimer’s and memory research. As a psychiatry practice, in addition to research center, PMI can also make the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

PMI has been involved in trials for every successful Alzheimer’s drug brought to market: Cognex, Aricept, Exelon, Rivastigmine, and Namenda. Also, as part of a trial, they have access to experimental drugs not yet approved by the FDA. If patients do not qualify for this particular trial, Princeton Medical Institute – the center for mental health – has a variety of other studies they may qualify for.

Researchers and Staff

Principal investigator

Dr Jeffrey apter

Principal investigator

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