Barrow Neurological Institute

The Alzheimer’s & Memory Disorder’s Research Department at Barrow Neurological Institute is led by nationally-known expert Marwan Sabbagh, MD - Karsten Solheim Chair for Dementia, Director of the Alzheimer’s & Memory Disorders Division and Professor of Neurology at Barrow.  With Dr. Sabbagh at the helm, the department leads the nation in providing opportunities for those with Alzheimer’s Disease and mild cognitive impairment as well as healthy individuals to participate in prevention and treatment studies including investigational drugs, imaging and biomarkers.  As Alzheimer’s Disease is currently a top ten cause of death and is one of the few diseases that cannot be prevented, cured or slowed, the team is devoted to helping doctors, scientists and communities understand, diagnose and treat this debilitating disease.  The team believes that with the community’s help, a key can be found to unlock Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Institution Name: Barrow Neurological Institute
  • Location:  Phoenix, AZ
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Researchers and Staff

Director of Barrow Neurological Institute’s Alzheimer’s Division

Marwan Sabbagh, MD

Director of Barrow Neurological Institute’s Alzheimer’s Division
Neurologist, Alzheimer’s Disease

Jiong Shi, MD, PhD

Neurologist, Alzheimer’s Disease


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