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Our Community

Our Memory Strings Community is much more than research labs - we are caregivers, advocates, local alliances and many others tied together by our dedication to research and
support of those involved with research.

Stringers are members of the Memory Strings Community -
a mass movement to end Alzheimer’s disease.

Research Network

A collaboration of the most respected institutions conducting Alzheimer’s research

Research Volunteers

Citizen scientists who have raised their hand to participate in research

Local Alliances

Community members and organizations who support research at a local level


Organizations supporting the fight against Alzheimer’s disease


Family members, friends and professionals who offer critical support to those in need

Become a Stringer Today!

Why a String?

A string tied around a finger helps you remember.
A string symbolizes how we are tied together.
A string tied with a thumbs-up gesture supports finding a cure.

Join And Find Research Opportunities Near You

Be a citizen scientist and help preserve
millions of memories for generations to come.

Thousands of research volunteers are needed now.


Researches explain why they are hopeful of finding a cure for Alzheimer's

Join to help make Alzheimer’s a distant memory.