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Local Alliances

Communities supporting local Alzheimer’s research.

We currently have Local Alliances in Boston, Charleston, Kansas City and Phoenix.

We will soon be launching Local Alliances in Central Florida, Southern Florida and Southern California.

The Memory Strings Community is bringing the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease into the spotlight by building local alliances across the US. Local Alliances are communities that build relationships between the institutions directly connected to trial candidates, physicians and local research sites.

The goal is to accelerate trial recruitment by getting more people involved and increasing the participation of underrepresented populations in research.

Connect families to clinical trials – Reach and influence are essential for speeding recruitment and research efforts in your community.

Heighten awareness and education – Energize diverse community networks to increase understanding of Alzheimer’s.

Engage existing networks – Our novel approach to recruitment leverages all available local networks, including healthcare systems and insurance providers, government officials, large employers, community organizations, and minority communities.

Local alliances are gateways to Alzheimer’s clinical trials.

Join to help make Alzheimer’s a distant memory.